The Basil and Eliza Goulandris Museum of Contemporary art museum was founded on the 25th of July 1979 by Basil and Eliza Goulandris and is situated in Chora, the Capital of Andros Island, which is about 30-40 minutes away from Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel.

Since its foundation, the museum of Contemporary art has become a cultural hub attracting culture lovers from Athens and all over the world.

The Museum of Contemporary Art currently holds more than 300 works of art, which are displayed during the course of the year while works of famous international artists are exhibited during periodical summer exhibitions. This museum  had the honors to host exhibitions of prominent Greek and international artists such as:

  • Paul Delvaux and the Antiquity, 2009
  • Y. Moralis – Traces, 2008
  • André Masson and ancient Greece, 2007
  • Panayiotis Tetsis – Thalassa, 2006
  • METAMORPHOSIS – British Art of Sixties, 2005
  • Picasso and Greece, 2004
  • Georges Braque – Order and Emotion, 2003
  • Joan Miró – In the orbit of the Imaginary, 2002
  • Toulouse-Lautrec – The Myth of Woman, 2001

Our staff here in Andros at Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel will gladly provide you with information about the current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

How to get there:
The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Chora, which is about 27 km from the Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel. There are two types of transportation available to you in case you are not in Andros by car.  You can either take the local bus from the top entrance of our hotel or ask for a taxi at the front desk.

Kindly note that the museum is open daily (except Tuesday) from 10:00 until 14:00.
For more information you can also check the museums website:

Contact: +3022820 – 22444 & +3022820 – 22650