The Archaeological Museum is in Chora, the capital of Andros Island and is situated at the Theofilos Kairis Square. It was founded by the generous donation of Basil and Eliza Goulandris in 1981.

On the ground floor there are five halls where you can find sculptures from the Archaic and Classical years, the Hellenistic era as well as the Roman, Byzantine and post-Byzantine years. In the second hall, you can admire the marble statue of Hermes, also known as Hermes of Andros from the 1st century bc, found at Paleopolis.

As you go up the first floor you will see on your right, one of the few copies of the Charta of Rigas. In its halls, you will be informed about Andros island and its history as well as the archaeological places.

The floor is dedicated to the foundings of Zagora’s settlement. You will find impressive models of the settlement as well as ceramic foundings.

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