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20 January on en   Puzzle

Happy New Year!

We wish that the New Year will be a peaceful year, with less difficulties and more smiles and optimism for the future!

Tradition has it, that every year we cut the New Year’s cake “Vassilopita”. Only this year it was a bit different…

Paul Sfikakis, a young pâtissier, member of our family, baked this year’s “Vassilopita”. We hope that during the 2014 season, our guests will have the opportunity to taste some of his delicious desserts! So, Paul, instead of making the traditional “Vassilopita” cake, baked a Mare e Vista puzzle of 11 stars. The stars were bisquits covered with dark chocolate and in one of them a small surprise was hidden! Each member of the Mare e Vista Family (Popi, Dimitris, Aliki, Danae, Maro, Manouela, Christina, Sonia, Grigoris, Ioanna, Sofia) chose a star.

Was it a coincidence or a “sign” that Danae picked the lucky star this year?

Danae married her beloved Victor last September, in Andros of course, one evening blessed by the island itself, with its beauty and tranquility.  That evening embraced us all in the depths of its magnificence.

Andros, is not only a place of desperate and unspoken loves, as depicted in the movie “Mikra Anglia”, greatly directed by Pantelis Voulgaris. It is a place where one can find great love, naturally directed by real life, blessed by people and God.

This beautifull island has a very rich tradition of wedding customs, which goes back a very long time. On the wedding day, the ritual starts from the groom’s house, where all the family and friends gather to give him their best wishes for the wedding. From there, all together walk to the house of the bride, following the groom riding his horse and the musicians, who play traditional songs with violins and “laouta”. When the groom arrives at the house of the bride, her father gives him his gift: a ram with a red ribbon tied around its neck, as a symbol of good luck!

After the wedding ceremony, the feast lasts until sunrise and includes a lot of traditional dances of Andros, such as “ballo” and “syrto” which follow a strict protocol: Who is the one to lead the dance, who follows, how many times the groom dances with his bride! The wine and the delicacies keep coming until the early morning hours, and last but not least come the desserts!

How delicious the traditional wedding desserts of Andros are!

“Amigdalota”, “kaltsounia”, “pastitsakia”, “ergolavi”, with almond being the main ingredient! Do you know why? Almond is the symbol of fertility! This is why bonbons (sugared almonds) are offered in weddings. Almonds stand for fertility, the white color symbolizes purity and the sweets portray the sweet life of the couple. Besides the sweets, the traditional drink “Soumada”, made out of almond milk, is also offered in weddings.

Today, Andros is an upcoming tourism destination for weddings and baptisms, as it offers many choices that can fulfill every dream and satisfy every desire for such unique and cherished moments.

White chapels that seem to come out of a dream on the mountain or by the sea, famous secluded monasteries and the imposing church of St. Phillip in Batsi.

Lemon flowers that prevail in the fragrance of every orchard made as wedding crowns along with bouquets made out of white hydrangeas, one of the favorite flowers of almost every garden in Andros. All, put together by Andriani in Batsi, who loves flowers and flowers love her back!

Local delicacies cooked by the people of Andros using fresh and biological ingredients, many times from their own gardens.

The island can be the ideal “host” of an unforgettable reception, a traditional feast or even a beach party in one of its beautiful beaches! Let’s not forget how close it is to Athens, only two hours by boat, making it easy not only for the locals but for all greeks to organize their dream wedding in Andros! Recently, foreigners have also chosen Andros as their wedding destination and although they get married in the city hall they still follow some of the traditions of the island, especially those regarding the sweets!

Whatever one decides, a wedding in Andros is an Unforgettable Experience!

We wish you all the best for 2014!


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