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Micra Anglia: Mid war love and adventure in Andros

09 May on en   le six

An epic love story, unfolded throughout twenty some years during the inter war period is depicted in Little England, Ioanna Karistiani’s novel situated in the island of Andros.Ioanna is a well known and established Greek writer. Her first novel, Little England was published back in 1998 winning public and critical acclaim and gaining the Greek State Litterature Prize. Since then the book travelled the world and got translated in ten different languages. This year it is finally transformed into a season film, thanks to the, years long, efforts of the writer and her husband, film director Pantelis Voulgaris, one of the few Greek directors with international recognition.

The couple has been residing in Andros for years now, during which it has developed a warm and close relationship with its people.

This is not the sole reason though, why all of Andros literally opened its houses to cast and crew, handed century old family memorabilia and pieces of furniture to production members and happily accepted complete disruption of its daily life during filming.

It must also be that the story of Little England* is very much the story of the island itself. The beginning of the 20th century, which is when the story unfolds, was the time when inhabitants started their first sea ventures, which gradually took them all over the world and gave birth to some of the world’s biggest ship-owner families, creating wealth and prosperity for the island and transforming it into the elegant, well preserved Aegean paradise it is today.

So it is the adventures at sea, the longings back home, political turmoil, war, love, conformity and passion, that form the core of the movie, filmed in the narrow alleys of Chora and the old port during two months, in which Andros literally travelled in time, and lived in the rhythm and settings of another era.

The outcome will surely seduce old friends of Andros and introduce a lot of new ones from around the world. But most importantly, it will forever remain a precious testimony to the island’s history, an outome very much owed to the work, love and pride of its current inhabitants.

Enjoy some shots, from front and behind the camera during filming:

* For almost half of the 20th century Andros was also known as «Little England» due to its zealous shipping and sea ventures and in reference to the great shipping power which was England at the time.

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