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La Vie at Zozef’s

13 July on en   Afternoon sun, see breeze, smell of  tomato and herbs

The husky melancholic voice of Edith Piaf is the last thing one expects to listen to, going in the small tavern called “Zozef”, at the village of Pitrofos in Andros. Then again, Zozef is not your typical traditional tavern either, even though the food it serves can rightfully be considered the epitomy of Greek cuisine at its absolute best.

This is foremost due to its ingredients. Katerina Remoundou, the sole creator and owner of Zozef, proudly maintains that every single culinary ingredient that reaches her kitchen bench is 100% pure and, a 100% Greek. Not because of an over-ambitious chauvinism – Katerina is a well cultured and well travelled woman, who turned her back at a longtime career in the media to return to her homeland and recreate her grandad’s (Zozef) traditional café.

It is more that she loves the land, knows it well and knows how to handle its products in order to create fully nutritious, superbly healthy and gloriously tasty dishes.

Homemade bread, local cheeses, organically grown veggies, fish from around the coast and meat from nearby farms, extra virgin olive oil, juicy citrus with fresh herbs from its garden, these make up Zozef’s basic cooking materials.

What they turn to each day, is up to the owner’s feeling, mood and imagination. The first two besides, are something visitors get a lot of – and by that we mean Katerina’s unpretentious and cordial address to anyone entering her premises, be it a close friend, a total stranger or just a neighbor.

So at “Zozef,s”, decorated with beautiful wooden chairs and tables, colorful fabrics, country bits and pieces and sophisticated touches here and their (the Piaf tunes from the vintage radio par example), one feels like dining in a warm living room with a charismatic hostess -who happens to also be  a challenging talker. The door is open, her cat lays blissfully in a corner, the air smells of oregano, basil and fresh tomatos, and, from the windows, you get glimpses of the Aegean.

Is there anything more one could ask for?

Check our photos to see for yourself:

  • Sellia
    5 years ago - Reply

    So glad I heard about Zozefs! What a great article… I will for sure visit next time I am in Andros.
    Thank you

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