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Fooling the calendar…

03 March on en  

With the spring-like weather we have been experiencing these past few days, also known as Alkyonides, someone could say that we are somehow fooling the calendar.

According to mythology, Alkyoni (similar to the Common Kingfisher) was once a woman and the daughter of Aeolos, known as the God of the wind. She lived by the coast with her husband Kiikas where they spent their time calling each other Zeus and Era.

Zeus was infuriated by their disrespect and transformed Kiikas into a vulture. Alkyoni 1Αλκυόνη

Alkyoni then became desperate looking for her husband, and the Gods showed her some mercy by transforming her into a bird (Halcyon / Kingfisher) to aid her into her search.

Her sorrow however never abandonded her, as contrary to the rest of the birds that give birth to their youngs during the spring, she was forced to give birth during the winter with the risk of having her eggs stolen away by the strong winter waves.

Halcyon 2Zeus, showing his mercy, allowed a period of 15 days during the winter, where the winds would calm down, allowing the sun to warm up the earth and making a hospitable environment for Alkyonis’s eggs. It was for this reason that these 15 days were named Alkyonides after her.

Although this 15-day period usually occurs during the second half of January, in some cases it extends over to February, which is exactly what is happening this year. This gives us such a wonderful and optimistic feeling, as summer thoughts come to quiet our worries and chase away our fears.


The summer will eventually come and it will be wonderful! Especially in Andros Greece!

In our next communication we will be able to inform you on the content of future exhibitions of Andros museums and as the winter will be far behind us it will also be more sensible to touch upon other topics such as: magestic beaches, windsurfing, scuba diving, and hiking among other things that can turn your vacation in Andros a truly unforgettable experience.


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