Starting from the Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel and going north to Gavrio, you will find some of the most calm and popular beaches of Andros island. In a distance of 2,5 km  from our hotel in Batsi Andros there is the picturesque sandy and pebbled beach of Agios Kyprianos. It is named after the small church of Agios Kyprianos which is beautifully situated in between two small beaches that are always calm with crystal clear waters. The rocky parts on both sides are offering a great diving and fishing experience and there is a tavern on the beach.

Next  on the way to the port is the beach of Kypri (2,8 km) with shallow and calm waters just before the blue flagged Chryssi ammos (Golden sand) or Psili ammos (Fine sand). The last one is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches of Andros island. It has a beach bar and it is well organized, with sun-beds and umbrellas.

Next in the row is the extended beach of Agios Petros that has also a blue flag (3,0 km). It is a long and wide sandy beach with calm and shallow clear waters and is ideal for swimming. In the middle of the beach there is beach bar, sun-beds and umbrellas.

There are two taverns opposite to the beach and a spacious parking place. You can swim towards the right side of the beach to explore the small and calm beach of Liopesi that is naturally decorated by a beautiful rock.

The road continues to the port of Gavrio and from there you may visit the beaches of the northwestern and the northeastern parts of Andros island.

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