Next in the row is the beautiful beach of Achla. To get there you must take the road from Arni to Vourkoti . Before arriving to the village of Vourkoti turn left and go downhill the rough dirt road. In 9 km you will reach this well protected sandy beach with its crystal clear blue waters. It is situated below the lighthouse of Cape Gria next to the small church of Agios Nikolaos.

Instead of returning back to Batsi and the Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel, you can continue to Chora and visit the smaller beaches of Gialia and Pisso Gialia. The road passes through the village of Apikia that is famous for its water spring of Sariza. Pisso Gialia is more isolated but be prepared to walk some 200 m to reach this beautiful beach.
Continuing your route to Chora, you will go past the beach of Niborio and the premises of the historic Nautical Club of Andros. This beach has shallow waters and it is the most popular of the two beaches of Chora. The next beach is the beach of Paraporti where the sea is almost always wavy.

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