If you are interested in island hopping in Cyclades, then you can ideally start from Andros island, where you can enjoy the green of the island, the beautiful hiking trails, and the crystal clear waters, as well as the culture of the museums and famous monasteries.

You can continue to the island of Tinos, renowned as the island of Virgin Mary. Next stop is the island of Mykonos, one of the most popular tourist islands of the Mediterranean. The island of Mykonos is serviced by air, so you can even start your island hopping from Mykonos, with Andros island and the Mare e Vista Hotel being your last unforgettable destination.

Besides the international charter flights during the summer season, there are flights from Athens to Mykonos three times a day. You can book online at www.aegeanairlines.gr and www.olympicair.gr

You can also try www.easyjet.com for a direct flight to Mykonos island. If you are interested in extending your island hopping destinations, why not try www.skyexpress.gr. You can extend your destination to the magical island of Santorini or even Crete.