Apano Kastro (Upper Castle) is 25 km away from the Mare e Vista Epaminondas Hotel in Batsi it is located north of the cove of Korthi, rising 600 meters above sea level. It was the second most powerful castle after Mesa Kastro (Inner Castle) in the capital of Andros. It was also built by the Venetian Marino Dandolo. Besides the ruins you will be able to see the breathtaking panoramic view to the sea. Legend has it, that the castle was destroyed by the Turks when an old lady opened the gates to the castle and let them in. After the Turks slaughtered the entire population of the castle, the old lady, couldn’t live with it and took her own life, by jumping off a cliff. The beach below took its name as the, “Old Lady’s Leap”, Tis Grias to Pidima.