North of Chora and 27 km away from the Mare e Vista Epaminondas hotel, is located the monastery of Agia Marina. The Agia Marina monastery was built in approximately 1325 but is was burnt three times by pirates during the 16th century. In 1746 the monastery was converted into a monastery for nuns, which was ordered to close by the protestants together with other 416 monasteries in 1833. Embiricos family bought the miraculous icon in an auction in order to save it. The icon remained in the Holy temple in Chora for 146 years and the monastery was transformed into a stable.  In 1975, Agia Marina appeared through a vision to deacon Cyprianos and guided him to rebuild the monastery. Since then, the monastery and the miraculous icon are famous for many miracles, including the famous event of a healing of a young boy from Cyprus who was cured and saved by Marina of Andros.

The Mare e Vista Epaminondas Hotel can arrange your transport to even the most remote monasteries, and the driver will happily wait and drive you back to the hotel.