Tourlitis Lighthouse (Faros Tourlitis), this beautiful lighthouse was built in 1887, and represents one of the most traditional naval monuments of Andros island. The height of its cylindrical tower is 7 meters and the height of focal plane is 36 meters. It is situated just opposite to the Venetian Castle in Chora. It is unique, as it is the only lighthouse built on a rock into the sea. It was bombarded and ruined during the 2nd World War.

In 1990, Alexandros and Marietta Goulandris repaired and restored the lighthouse in memory of their deceased daughter Violanda Goulandris.

Recently the Lighthouse Tourlitis, is part of the memorial issue of stamps dedicated to the Lighthouses of Greece. Thanks to this beautiful lighthouse, it was the first time that Andros island, was presented on a stamp.

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