Andros is considered one of the best islands in Greece in terms of hiking as its mountainous nature and abundance of springs offer a unique experience.

It is a very mountainous island with ridges intersecting each other throughout the island’s surface. This fact contributed to the numerous deep valleys and steep gorges that are present and can be explored while hiking Andros Island.
Hiking in Andros can be very rewarding as the plethora of springs creates amazing scenery of green valleys and waterfalls, which is very bizarre for a Cycladic Island. The picturesque walks are also complemented by the remnants of old bridges and watermills, which create a feeling of admiration.

There are over 25 known hiking trails on the Island of Andros covering approximately 85 km. Hiking will not only rejuvenate you and help you relax, it will also give you the opportunity to get to know more about the history and traditions of the island.

For experienced hikers or those who are simply interested in trying it alone, there are maps and details on trails that we can provide. There are 4 hiking trails that start from Batsi and thus can be easily reached from the Mare e Vista Epaminondas Hotel.

These four are the Batsi circular (1), Batsi circular (2), Batsi circular (3) and Strapouries to Batsi. For more information on these trails you can visit Foxys Island Walks.

If you are more interested in an organized excursion with a knowledgeable guide, the Mare e Vista Epaminondas Hotel can help you schedule your personalized hiking adventure in cooperation with its partners. If required your transportation to the starting point of the trails will be arranged to be part of your package. You can visit Trekking Andros and discover 11 routes in Andros island, categorized by how easy or difficult they are.